Gilgit Baltistan has widely diversified geology indicating vast mineral potential. It has widely varied geological frame work, ranging from a diverse suit of metallic minerals, industrial minerals, precious and semi-precious gemstones. Primarily these minerals which have good chances of being explored as well as assumed to be attractive for prospective investors. National Mineral Policy (NMP) was formulated in 1995 to develop the mineral sector of the country. Different aspects of NMP have been implemented in the provinces to a varying degree but up till now no major breakthrough has been achieved in the sector primarily due to lack of infrastructure facilities in the mineral bearing areas and high risk nature of investment in the sector. The province implements the policies provided by the Federal Government, with full powers. The national Mineral policy was announced in 1995, it remained un-implemented in true letter and spirit till mid 2014, because there was no separate Mines & Mineral Department in GB, and remain neglected and under developed still not full flagged due to shortage of staff and other like requirements.In the Guidelines of NMP, the Government of GB formulated MCR 2003 and recently revised with the name of MCR 2016. Mines and Mineral Department has so far granted 50 Licenses/Leases to different firms. In GB the mining activities are primarily carried out by the private sector and Mines & Mineral Department facilitate the private sector by providing all possible assistance by regulating the laws framed under the MCR. These rules provides four types of mineral titles namely RL, EL, MDRL and ML. Considering the vast and complex nature of mineral sector, multidisciplinary approaches is suggested for setting up of Task Force, Group, and Committee comprising trained and experienced personals from Geo-scientific, Technological, Economic and Marketing Disciplines. Furthermore it is recommended that Promotional Material (PM) may be prepared and advertised in national and local electronic and print media to bring GB Mineral Sector in the main stream with a view to attracting investment and bringing latest exploration, development and processing technologies. In spite of the fact that GB Mineral Potential is diversified in terms of classes and of minerals and its relations with the well known metallogenic system and types, presently mineral exploration to a large extent is in the early stages of first cycle of modern exploration in which exploration is aimed at the discovery of large outcropping mineral deposits rather than buried or blind deposits which require high technology, high risk and expensive exploration program. The metallic minerals such as copper, gold, iron and lead and industrial minerals are in the various stages of evaluation and developments by locals and non-local firms but unfortunately no international standard experienced and trained investors involved in mining industries and industrial mineral mining of GB due to uncertainities in the political sphere including law and order situation. Weak or non-existence of mining traditions, limited mining experience and inadequate capital resources, lack of vision in taking advantages of advancement in geological knowledge, exploration techniques, mining and processing technologies the mneral sector of GB is lagging for behind as compare to the other counter parts of the country. Inadequate institutional, human and other infrastructure which have to be improved and provided. Well equipped with sophisticated mineral identification, testing, exploration mining and processing equipments and highly qualified manned is required. Sketchy and poor availability of basic information in respect of geo-scientific and technological data comprising topographic maps, aerial photographs, satellite imageries, geological, geochemical and geophysical maps are major factors that has kept and continue to keep mineral sector of GB out of mainstream of the country. Group/ Committee/Task Force need to be set up. Since one cannot assume to find all round expert or institution with detailed knowledge of all applicable process; it is requirement that a Group comprising the Geological, Technological, Economic and Marketing disciplines may be set up. Selection and ranking of TOP 15 mineral rocks is required based on the present knowledge and opinion. Needs to identify the means of reducing the smuggling of precious and semiprecious minerals and controlling minerals-related illegal activities in GB. Remove the weak capacity to monitor and compliance with mining rules. Mineral bearing areas are mostly located in far flung and hilly tracts of the GB,it is necessary to provide basic infrastructures like road and electricity in these areas. The lack of these facilities very discouraging for the small private investors. The provincial Government must endeavor to provide roads, electricity and other infrastructures in the mineral bearing areas. It is at the same time difficult for Provincial Government to allocate sufficient funds for the purpose from their own resources. It is proposed in this regard that Federal Government and International Institutions may provide a grant of Rs. 20M per year for the next five years. Under taking a series of international visits of different countries and compare their policies and rules to adopt a suitable policy and rules to develop the mineral sector of GB. Facilitating the sharing of experience and technical staff through study tours. Hosting a series of stakeholder workshops with Government, Private Sector, Reaserch Institutions, Trade Unions, and Civil Society Organizations. The small private investors do not have resources to purchase and maintain modern drilling and Excavation Machinery. It is therefore, necessary that Provincial Government maintains machinery pool for temporary lending to small investors to encourage exploration of minerals on modern lines. It is recommended in this regard that international financial institutions may provide Mining Machinery and Equipment to the Provincial Government for maintaining pool of the same for temporary lending to Mine Owners for better exploration and exploitation of minerals. It is hoped that if the above proposed measured are initiated in the right earnest increase the contribution of sector in GDP and create job opportunities in most underdeveloped region of the country. Mineral sector of GB indeed a high potential sector, can contribute beyond the imagination. The explored area witnesses the presence of variety of metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits.

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