Project Description

مائننگ لائسنس:۔
معدنیات کی کان کنی کو قانونی شکل دینے کے لئے محکمہ معدنیات کے قواعد و ضوابط کے تحت کسی بھی فرم یا ادارے کو کسی کان پر مائننگ کرنے سے پہلے محکمہ معدنیات سے لیز حاصل کرنا ضروری ہے ۔ لیز سے حاصل شدہ معدنیات پر اس فرم یا ادارے کا قانونی حق ہوتا ہے جبکہ وہ فرم معدنیات کی مالیت کے حوالے سے رائلٹی اور لیگل فیس گورنمنٹ خزانے میں جمع کرانے کی پابند ہے ۔

Project Details


1 (i). As per Rule-7 of the GB Mining Concession Rules, 2016 an applicant shall submit the application to the Directorate of Mineral Government OF Gilgit-Baltistan for the following four kinds of Mineral titles.
a. Reconnaissance license
b. Exploration license.
c. Mineral deposit retention license.
d. Mining lease.
(ii). The Applicant will provide the information/documents as prescribed in Rule 7 & Rule 13 of Gilgit-Baltistan Mining Concession Rules, 2016 alongwith application processing fee of Rs. 20,000 as notified by Gilgit-Baltistan Council and fee prescribed in Schedule-I of Gilgit-Baltistan Mining Concession Rules, 2016.
(iii). On the receipt of application the Directorate, Mineral GB shall place the application before Mines Committee. The Committee will evaluate the application submitted for Reconnaissance License, Exploration License, Minerals Deposit Retention License and Mining Lease as provided in Gilgit-Baltistan Mining Concession Rules, 2016. The committee shall complete assessment and evaluation of application within 30 days of receipt of application and along with reasoned recommendations and submit the case to Licensing Authority/Secretary-in-Charge, Gilgit-Baltistan Council to grant or renew or cancel of any mineral title.
(iv). The committee shall be fully competent and authorized to assess and recheck any documents relied upon by any failure by the committee in determining veracity or otherwise will entail disciplinary proceedings.
(v). The Applicant at the time of the grant of a mineral title, other than a reconnaissance license, shall deposit with the Licensing Authority security as provided in Schedule I, of Gilgit-Baltistan Mining Concession Rules, 2016 as a performance guarantee for compliance with the holder’s obligations under these rules and the title.
(vi). Gilgit-Baltistan Council may enter into an agreement relating to a mineral title with mineral title holder who will carry on mineral operations as defined in Rule-6 of Gilgit-Baltistan Mining Concession Rules, 2016. Previously there was no time bar on this whole process, from application to assessment and finally the grant/renewal of mineral title. Now as per the new approved Gilgit-Baltistan Mining Concession Rules, 2016 the entire procedure should be completed within a 30 days time period.



Requirements of Application (Rule 7 & Rule 13)
1. Name of Mineral Title.
2. Original copy of the Treasury Challan for application processing fee Rs. 20,000 and fee prescribed Schedule-I in respect of following Mineral Titles Reconnaissance License Rs. 15,000 Exploration License Rs. 25,000 Mineral Deposit Retention License Rs. 100,000 Mining Lease Rs. 100,000
3. In case of individual application, the full names and nationality date of birth and postal and residential address of such person.
4. An application made by a Company, its name and particulars of its incorporation and registration, the full names, address and nationalities of the directors and offices and, if the Company has a share capital, the full names, address and nationalities of any person who is the beneficial owner of more than five per centum of the issued share capital.
5. Area of land Reconnaissance License 500 square kilometers Exploration License 20 square kilometers Mineral Deposit Retention License Mining Lease 10 square kilometers.
6. Identify the mineral or group of minerals in respect of which a mineral title is being sought.
8. Detailed topographical and geological description of the boundaries of the area of land to which the application relates.
7. The program of exploration/Mining operations proposed to be carried on, the estimated expenditure in respect thereof and the period within which the operations shall be carried on.
8. Applicant’s technical and financial resources or, where applicable, those of any person contractually engaged to provide such resources, and copies of relevant contractual agreements. Recommendations by Mines Committee to Licensing Authority for Grant/Rejection of Mineral Title Evaluation of Application by Mines Committee Submission of Application for Mining License/Lease to Directorate Mineral, GB Max 30 days will be taken for decision in case of Local applicants. For Foreign applicants time of clearance from securities agencies may be added in 30 days. Commencement of operations after making agreement with GBC & paying security.
9. All other mineral titles held or mines operated in the Region by the applicant, whether alone or jointly, currently or during ten years immediately preceding the date of the application.
10. State the period, not exceeding twelve months, for which the mineral title is required.
11. In the case of a partnership firm, an authenticated copy of the partnership deed duly registered with the Registrar of Firms concerned.
12. In the case of a limited company, a verified copy of each of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation.
13. Fifteen copies of the map duly signed by the applicant, showing the boundaries of the area in respect of which the license or lease is applied for. The map shall be prepared from the Survey of Pakistan Maps of Scale 1:50,000 or nearest scale available. It will be sufficient compliance of this sub-rule if only one copy of the map or sketch plan showing area and grid lines is attached with the application and such fee for preparing fifteen copies of the plan.
14. Evidence of financial status of the applicant in the manner as may be prescribed by the Licensing Authority from time to time……