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Department of Mines and Minerals
Government of Gilgit Baltistan
Department of Mines & Minerals of Gilgit Baltistan


1 – In 1983 Minerals Department has established.
2 – In 2006 Minerals & Industries Department merged into Tourism, Youth & Environment under one Secretary.
3- In 2010 Minerals, Industries, Labour & Commerce Department has started functions as separate entity.
4 – In 2013 a separate Directorate of Mines & Minerals has been established.


1. Mineral is Subject to Government of Gilgit Baltistan

2. Geological Surveys of Potential areas.

3. Development of Mineral Resources & Regulation of Mines.

4. Grant of Exploration Licenses and Mining Leases.

5. Control of Illegal Mining and Illegal Transportation of Minerals.

6. Minerals Exhibition.



During the past, extensive geological exploration has been conducted by various National and International Organizations as well as World renown Geo-Scientific Research Institutes in the entire region. Consequently World class Geo-Technical data has been generated that has established indication/occurrences of various Mineral commodities targets for subsequent development and ultimate mining. These include:- Precious Base Metals Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones, Industrial Minerals / Dimension stones Placer deposits for recovery of Gold & other Precious Metals from the alluvial deposits.


Gilgit Baltistan has widely diversified geology indicating vast mineral potential. It has widely varied geological frame work, ranging from a diverse suit of metallic minerals, industrial minerals, precious and semi-precious gemstones. Primarily these minerals which have good chances of being explored as well as assumed to be attractive for prospective investors. Minerals to substitute imports and minerals for local consumptions and also contributing only small %age in the GDP of the area. National Mineral Policy (NMP) was formulated in 1995 to develop the mineral sector of the country. Different aspects of NMP have been implemented in the provinces to a varying degree but up till now no major break through has been achieved in the sector primarily due to lack of infrastructure facilities in the mineral bearing areas and high risk nature of investment in the sector. Under the constitutional frame work, Government, of Pakistan is responsible for policy formulation, generation of geological data and exploration targets. The province implements the policies provided by the Federal Government, with full powers. Currently about 9 Numbers of minerals are under exploration some on large scale and some are in small scale.